Thursday, May 25, 2017

Is This Behavior Presidential - President Trump?

President Trump is overseas representing the United States of America at the new NATO headquarters.  Any American would expect the President to act Presidential which is to say - be diplomatic and respectful of other nations.  Recently, I joined the board of the local neighborhood council as a board member.

In Los Angeles County as in other counties state wide, each person who wishes to aspire to fill a political position must enroll in a 2 hour course titled "AB 1234 Local Ethics Training".  A part of this training is concerned with the ethical and respectful treatment of other people -- constituents, other board member along with any other person.

The reason why I bring this up is the situation which occurred between President Trump and the Prime Minister Duško Markovic.  Here is a short video of the encounter shown below:

President Trump shoves Prime Minister Duško Markovic out of the way to make his way over to  Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite.  At least, that is what the New York Post is reporting.  All of this happens in the first 10 seconds in the above video -- hence you may need to watch the beginning of the video again.

After viewing the video above, words had escaped me to say the least.  I am without words regarding our President's action.  Regardless of the status of the people in the video above, we learn in grade school (kindergarten) that such behavior between human being is UNACCEPTABLE.

President Trump: There is no excuse for that behavior!

Furthermore, as my wife has stated over and over that the current political climate and increase in violence is due to the "Trump Effect".  Anyone can act in any disrespectful manner since our President has encouraged such behavior.  Please do not follow or engage in such behavior.  This behavior is disrespectful and unacceptable.

Later today, we hear of reports of a republican candidate for house seat -- Greg Gianforte -- decided that the best course of action when questioned by a reporter was to 'body slam' the reporter.  Further, the candidate broke the reporter's glasses -- which is reported here.

I am appalled by such behavior.  I am without words.  How am I supposed to be ethical at the local level when the highest elected position in our country is represented by someone who disregards decent behavior.  Maybe you can offer an example to me in the comments below.

In closing, such behavior is unacceptable.  I am starting to wonder if Donald Trump raised his children to do the same behavior -- to get ahead?

Furthermore, is this the method which the President aspires to use to make America great again?


  1. We have a mafia thug for POTUS

    1. He is certainly promoting that image as an association to his position. Terrible and unfortunate. Thank you for commenting.