Friday, April 16, 2021

Levi's CEO Gives Opinion On Voter Restriction Measures and More!


Photo: Fortune

Raising taxes on Corporations is not attractive to pay for infrastructure.  But neither is restricting any American from voting at the ballot box during an election season.  These two issues are making their way through Congress (and also at the state level).  Where do we stand as a nation on these issues?  Seems like the nation is divided on these issues.  This division results from limited thinking on each of our parts.

In a recent interview on CNN, Levi's CEO Chip Bergh gives insights into these important issues (and others) from the standpoint of running a successful international corporation:

As stated in the video above is obvious consideration that all Americans deserve to vote.  Of course, certain instances might limit citizens' right to vote.  But, all in all, citizens without issues (i.e., a good record) should be able to vote.  Republicans are fearful of the large turnout that occurred in 2020.  And they should be.  More people are turning out at the voter polls and expressing their opinion in the form of a vote.

I would like to see more people of influence speak out in favor of voter rights and infrastructure development.  We need to continue to improve the nation.  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Former Republican House Speaker John Boehner Speaks About Current Times


Photo: NPR

The former House Speaker John Boehner has unleashed a flurry of conflict among his Republican Party by writing a memoir titled "On The House: A Washington Memoir."  In the book, the former speaker discusses a range of political issues.  And tell all the book is...with a large amount of commentary on the changing face of the Republican Party.   With the release of the book, comes a bunch of interviews.

In a recent interview on 'CBS This Morning,' the former House Speaker discussed the changing Republican Party and the Trump administration:

The interview is worth watching.  Former House Speaker John Boehner has come out against new Republican members of Congress.  The book is (supposedly) full of opinions based on time spent during the Clinton administration in Congress.  I have purchased the book and will read it soon.

In another interview, on CNN, the lingering anger held by former President Trump is discussed along with the decades of change among the Republican Party:

Stay tuned!


Monday, April 12, 2021

Amazon CEO Rallies For Higher Corporate Taxes To Pay For Biden's Infrastructure Bill


Photo: Fortune

Why would a CEO support higher corporate taxes?  What is the benefit of such an increase? Who pays for the repairs of the roads and bridges across America?  Who does the most damage to each on a daily basis?  How much of the responsibility should be attributed to corporate use?  Heavy trucks along with mid-weight trucks (freight shipment) ship products on roads and highways daily causing damage that is not covered by fees collected by regulators.  

In a recent video on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough discusses the revelation that Amazon CEO supports an increase of the corporate tax to support President Biden's infrastructure bill:

Regardless of the final version of the bill, a combination of financing from various sources will have to be used to pay for the bill.  The individual taxpayer is not just the only payer in the economy.  Corporations get away with paying very little fees to support or repair the damage done to move products that pay their shareholders.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Nonprofit Work Means To Literally Not Profit - Get It?


Photo: Financing Solutions Now

What does working at a nonprofit organization mean?  From an organizational standpoint, the work is done to serve a purpose.  A tax break is given to the organization to accomplish a mission.  Any person working at a nonprofit must act in good faith and pay the appropriate taxes on wages like any other worker.  Tax write-offs which are normally not prohibited for a profit organization, are allowed for nonprofit organizations (in many cases).  What is the problem then?

In a recent video on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow reports on the legal issues surrounding the NRA -- National Rifle Association.  The NRA is a powerful lobbying organization fighting for the right of gun owners across the nation.  The organization is a nonprofit.  Now, the organization finds itself in legal issues surrounding the meaning of nonprofit work:

People who cheat the system find themselves in trouble constantly.  Employees of nonprofit organizations find themselves walking a fine line with enriching themselves while serving their organization's mission.  Stay on the right side of the law and pay taxes or get caught. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

HR 1 is NOT a Partisan Issue, But a Right To Each American


Photo: The Atlantic

Why do Republicans want to restrict the greater part of America from voting in elections?  Are Republicans scared of the outcome of elections where a majority of Americans have access to vote?  Each American should have the right to vote.  Of course, there are restrictions that come with committing crimes.  And I am not in favor of banning any American for life from voting.  

With that as a backdrop, there is a contentious resolution being trusted through Congress which is backed by Republicans.  The bill is HR 1 -- The For The People Act -- a bill that expands access to voting among other changes to voters' rights.  A recent interview on MSNBC with Ford Foundations President, Darren Walker, discussing the role of CEO's across the United States in backing the bill is worth watching and considering:

Corporate America has changed direction from the appearance of inserting money into politics to influence law to change consumer choice.  Consumer choice is more important than influence through Congress.  Some may argue that point, but based on recent legislation passed through chambers of Congress, appealing to the consumer is a smarter choice at present.

Monday, April 5, 2021

President Trump Deserves Very Little Credit for Vaccine Rollout


Photo: NBC News

There is very little credit given by the Biden administration to the former Trump administration over the vaccine rollout.  And rightfully so.  With over 500,000 Americans dead, President Trump deserves very little credit for attempting to save their lives.  The federal government went into overdrive and produced the rollout with the help of some of Trump's administration.  President Trump himself does not care about anybody other than Trump - that is the reality.

In the video clip from CNN, Jake Tapper lays out the obvious facts behind my assertions in the paragraph above.  Watch and realize:

Over 400,000 Americans did not need to die during COVID-19.  That is the legacy of President Trump and the Republicans in Congress.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Big Business CEO's Speak Out on Voting Right - Republicans Listen Up!


Photo: The Atlantic

Why do people get denied their right to vote?  Have they committed a crime that disqualifies them from voting?  Are they US citizens?  Yes.  Then what is the problem?  Each American should have the right to vote.  This has turned into a partisan issue.  When the right to vote is the further issue from a partisan issue - or should be.  Although, according to reporting, this is not the case.

In the video below, the NAACP Legal Director is interviewed about recent reporting around big business CEO's calling for better voting rights among our democracy:

Just like climate change and renewable energy.  Big corporations are wise to wake up to the calling of the people of the land.  If the majority wants to change, then the change should occur.  With the fact that we live in a consumer-based economy, consumers will vote by purchasing choices.

If you are an important CEO of a company perusing this blog post, I would suggest returning to the boardroom table and searching for change.  Change that encompasses equality - in race and gender.  The world is changing.  Can corporations change with it?  Or will they be left behind?

By the sounds of the above interview, corporate CEO's see the writing on the wall.  Change is imminent.  Stay tuned!