Friday, March 3, 2017

Actor Tom Hanks Promotes "Truthful News" With An Espresso Machine For White House Press

Actor Tom Hanks is a world renowned actor whose career in film has touched hearts and caused laughter for decades.  Additionally, Tom Hanks has given an untold amount of money to promote news coverage for National Public Radio (NPR).  Along with his wife Rita, Tom is a true philanthropist in the fight of 'honest news'.  During his many visits to the White House over the years, he has taken an interest to the White House reporters.  Here is a video detailing his multiple visits and interactions with the White House reporters in the video below:

As highlighted in the video above, he has purchased a total of 3 espresso machines for the White House reporters. The last espresso machine came with a special note attached -- which you might have missed in the video above.  The note is shown below:

Acts of kindness like these are beautiful.  In the current climate with the war between the news press and the President, we need to see moments like these to inspire each of us to move forward.  I am not a journalist, but I do like to comment on news that is taken out of context and try to re-align the news from the perspective of a scientist.

I recently wrote a blog about 'fake news' -- Fox News reporting old statistics.  I believe that the truth will set us free.  In the fields of science, the truth is often not glamorous.  Nor is the truth settling.  Science changes with discovery.  Although, that does not mean science is not believable or truthful.  Data is collected each day which validates and updates our knowledge of science.

Which is why I write this blog to update the public on the need for scientists to write and communicate the news in science to the public at large.  Stating the truth is imperative toward conducting scientific research.  Hero's like Tom Hanks stand out for their pursuit for the truth.  Each of us should pursue the truth too.  Every opportunity should be taken to highlight those people who pursue the truth.

Until next time, have a great day!

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