Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Should Pollution Concern Us?

The title is simple right?

Easy question, should the amount of pollution over major cities concern the citizens of this planet?

Depending on who you ask, the answer might differ.  Why does this have to be the case?

Recently, I found a great short video by California's previous Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on the adverse effects of pollution.  I thought that I would bring the contents of the video to your attention just in case you were too busy to take out a minute and a half to watch the video below:

If you did not watch the video, here are the highlights of the important video:

1) 7 million people die world-wide because of pollution related illnesses

2) That is more than the following combined: suicides, traffic fatalities, and war casualties!

3) Politicians take the stand that the problem is "too costly to fix" -- imagine that politicians love to spend money to get results which promote votes from their constituents.

4) Politicians are trying to shut down the EPA's ability to regulate carbon.

5)  Arnold's Solution: strap their mouths (politicians) to the tailpipe of a truck exhaust pipe and then turn on the engine and see how long it takes for them to "tap out".

6) In California, politicians have shown that the possibility exists to protect the environment and the economy at the same time.

7) After California passed strict climate change laws, the economy grew by 12.4%

8) If the biggest economy in the country can thrive under the strictest environmental laws, that means the same is possible all over the country as a whole.

9) California has outpaced Texas in GDP growth since 2011.

Pictures of Air Pollution Around The World:

1) United States of America (USA):

Source: RT.com

Source: Wikipedia

Source: USAtoday.com

2) India:

Source: Map of India

3) China

Source: SoftPedia

Source: Bored Panda

Source: Bored Panda

Source: Bored Panda

5) Russia:

Source: TESteach

Source: DW.com

There are many more pictures available for your viewing online with a search of the topic: "air pollution in .... images" where "..." stands for the country of interest (Russia, USA, China, India, etc.).

Below is a satellite image of the particulate matter (of size 2.5 micrometer) distribution across of the globe.  USA is quite blue -- meaning relatively lower levels compared to other parts of the world.

 Source: NASA

As the pictures still portray above of air pollution around the world, there is still work to be done.  The overarching take home message to all residents of the world should be the following:

Each of us breathe the same air in the world.  Working together, the world would be a healthier place to live.  As it stands now, we are on a deadly trajectory for the future.

Action is needed!

Until next time, Have a great day!

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