Thursday, September 15, 2016

Humor Series #1: We Live In A World Where ...

Normally, the subjects that are entertained on my blog site are centered around looking at statistics that are reported in the popular news or in various journals.  To "mix it up a bit," I thought that every once in a while when I hear a VERY Humorous story, I could pass the story on.  I will call the series "We Live In A World Where ...".  Added to the humor will be shocking stories about events that should gain entry into the Darwin Awards.   The second story (second post) will be one such story.  First, lets hear about a student and their ride sharing experience while getting to class.

I Need A Ride To School!

The other night my wife came home and told me a hilarious story about her day.  She is a professor and teaches general chemistry at a college.  As such she gets to interact with a large amount of students each day -- more students than I do.  Therefore, the probability that her story will be hilarious is much higher than mine.

Ride sharing services are becoming ubiquitous in our society.  At least here in the United States.  Here is a story that a student gave as an excuse as to why she was late to class the other day.  The story is in dialogue form.  Dr. Kaiser is Kayla Kaiser -- my wife.  Zoe -- will be the fictitious name of the student -- to ensure privacy.  Enjoy.

Backstory to dialogue.  On the first day of the semester, Professor Kayla Kaiser announces the rule for the remainder of the semester -- regarding tardiness -- or being late to class.  She states that there are two doors to enter into the classroom.  If a student is going to be late, to please use the rear door.  This is to not disturb the class that is in session.  Of course, students will be students and walk right in front of her while she is standing at the front lecturing.  This commands the following dialogue:

Dr. Kaiser: Hello, who are you and why were you late ... tell us?

Zoe: Parking ...

Dr. Kaiser: Oh yeah, where did you park?

Zoe: Professor, I parked so far away, I had to "Uber" it in.

Story Review:

First, to clarify a statement regarding "Uber".  For those who are unfamiliar with the ride hailing services (private taxi cab), people use "Uber" or "Lyft" instead of a taxi cab.  The ride services is provided by people who use their private cars as taxi's.

Here is the review of the story.  We live in a world where ... a student would either: 1) use a ride hailing service as an excuse for being late, or 2) actually, not have the ability to park a (small distance) off-campus and walk in.

I was amazed at the student.  I was trying to imagine where could I park around campus that is not within walking distance and warrant using the "Uber service".   I ride my bike to the train station every day and then unboard at the station which is just over a mile from campus.  Even if I did not have a bicycle, I would still walk from the train station.


This student has lost her mind.  Until next time, have a great evening.

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